CCLS - Your Community Life Foundation

Creative Community Living Services, Inc. - Leading Wisconsin in advancing independence in community supports for people with disabilities and long term care needs. We excel at providing the most innovative, cost effective, comprehensive services in Wisconsin for people who need and desire them.

Through the years, CCLS continues to evolve with the many changes in long-term care. When change is the only constant, flexibility, creativity and innovation become integral elements in providing services that reflect the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

CCLS maintains a for-profit status to allow for adequate reserves and investments to ensure financial security and stability in the long-term care industry. Any profit is reinvested to advance the standard of services for clients. All company actions are founded on the commitment to the CCLS Mission, Vision, Philosophy and Code of Ethics. This strong foundation allows consumers and CCLS employees to foster a high quality of life. CCLS remains dedicated to the vision of its founders throughout growth and change.

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